Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massages help ease tense muscles and soft muscle tissues that are damaged.

A hot stone massage is as it's name suggests. Heated stones, usually made from volcanic rock are placed on various parts of the body. The heat from the stones helps to increase the flow of blood to affected areas. It can even help to increase flexibility and range of motion. Sometimes a combination of hot and cold stones can even be used during the massage to reduce inflammation.

There are many other health benefits of this type of massage including (but not limited to) better sleeping patterns, reduced stress and anxiety, boost to the immune system and even reduction in cancerous systems when combined with Swedish massage.

It should be noted that if you suffer from diabetes, osteoporosis, have open wounds or burns on your skin then it is advisable to contact your doctor first before undergoing a hot stone massage.

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Hot Stone Massage Prices:

30 mins: £30

45 mins: £35

60 mins: £40

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Hot Stone massage