Full Body Chinese Massage

Full body massages are an excellent way to reduce stress and increase circulation around the body.

Clients start by laying face down on a massage bed lined with sheets. Massage oil will then be applied to the upper back muscles and the therapist will gradually work their way down the body from there. Therapists may use their palms, thumbs or elbows when performing the massage. Please mention if you are not comfortable in any way.

Upon massaging the lower body, the therapist may need to massage near the groin or on the buttocks. Again, please mention this if you have any issues with them doing so.

After the massage is over, you'll be provided with a hot towel or the opportunity to take a quick shower and freshen up.

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For more information, please contact us on 07450 299864.

Full Body Massage Prices:

30 mins: £30

45 mins: £35

60 mins: £40

90 mins: £65

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