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Welcome to Oriental Court, the best place for Chinese massage in Woking.

We offer a range of Chinese full body massages and treatments from our fully trained masseuses. If you're looking to treat a loved one to an Oriental massage in Woking as a gift, you're in the right place.

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Oriental Court has recently been regarded as the top Chinese massage in Woking. As a result, we have already had a number of positive reviews from some very satisfied clients. This is mainly due to the fact that our qualified Chinese masseuses will always look after you and serve you with a smile, making us an ideal choice for a massage in Woking. Our manager has been a successful massage therapist now for over 10 years, thus giving her an extensive knowledge in the field.

We take bookings and offer walk in appointments from 9am to 9pm daily (Sunday - 11am to 9pm). It is usually best to call in advance to avoid disappointment. Free parking available around the venue in Knaphill, Woking.

We have two massage rooms available, each with a selection of different massage oils (and hot stones). After your massage you will be provided with a hot towel to freshen up.

If you've had a long and busy day and just need to unwind, look no further - you will be well looked after here. Feel free to come and pay us a visit here at our centre in Woking.

Being so close to the M25, our Woking Centre is conveniently located for stressed out drivers who are stuck on the M25 in rush hour and would like an Oriental massage to ease their stresses away. Simply come off at the next exits and follow the signs to Woking.

Our treatments will soothe you whilst at the same time making you feel invigorated. You will find that any existing muscle tensions you have will be loosened up after being massaged. This is one of the numerous benefits of having a Chinese massage. Our massages will assist circulation in the body as well as draining away any harmful toxins from your system.

All treatments focus specifically on each part of the body (unless requested otherwise) however if there is a specific area that requires more attention, let us know and we can assist accordingly in that matter. If you need a reliable and efficient Woking massage at quick notice? Look no further - you're in the the right place!

Continue reading to find out more about the types of treatment we offer at our Woking massage centre.

For more information, please call us on 07450 299864.

Our Massages

The types of massage we offer are listed below. Choose one to find out more information about it.

Full Body
Four Hands
Hot Stone

Full Body Chinese Massage

Receiving a full body massage is a fantastic method of reducing stress and increasing circulation throughout the human body.

Clients will be asked to lay face down on a massage bed that has been lined with sheets. A massage oil is then applied to the body, starting mainly with the upper back muscles and then gradually moving down towards the lower back and the rest of the body from there. The client can optionally have the front of their body massaged as well, in which case they will be asked to turn over and the treatment will becontinued.

Therapists may use their palms, thumbs or elbows when performing the massage. Please mention if you are not comfortable in any way.

Upon massaging the lower body, the therapist may need to massage near the groin or on the buttocks. They might also massage the neck and even the scalp. Again, please mention this if you have any issues with them doing so (or are sensitive in these areas). If there is a specific area that you feel needs more attention (a sprain, strain or tight shoulders for example), please let the therapist know and they will be happy to comply.

After the massage is over, you'll be provided with a hot towel and/or the opportunity to take a quick shower and freshen up. To get the best results from a full body massage, we suggest that you book a 60 or 90 minute appointment. The reason for this is to allow the muscles to warm up and soften so the therapist can go deeper into the muscle and properly release any tensions you might have.

Read some of our positive reviews here.

For more information, please contact us on 07450 299864.

Full Body Massage Prices:

30 mins: £30

45 mins: £35

60 mins: £40

90 mins: £65

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Four Hands Massage

Four Hands Massages are a brilliant way to reduce day to day stresses and the build up of thoughts.

Similar to many other types of massage, clients start by laying face down on a massage bed that is lined with sheets. The big here difference is that you are treated by two therapists simultaneously as opposed to just one. Since more than one therapist is required, a four hands massage is a bit more costly than other types of massage as both need to be compensated for their time. The treatment however is very beneficial and produces excellent results.

In a four hands massage, the therapists' moves will usually be synchronized to ensure that you get the best possible result from the treatment. At other times, their moves may be different, essentially causing the client to 'lose control' of what is going on. This makes it very effective for the client in 'letting go' during treatments and can often produce optimal results.

For more information, please contact us on 07450 299864.

Four Hands Massage Prices:

30 mins: £60

45 mins: £70

60 mins: £80

90 mins: £130

Please note that as this treatment requires two therapists, it is suggested that you book in advance to avoid disappointment.

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Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massages help ease tense muscles and soft muscle tissues that are damaged.

A hot stone massage is as it's name suggests. Heated stones, usually made from volcanic rock are placed on various parts of the body. The heat from the stones helps to increase the flow of blood to affected areas. It can even help to increase flexibility and range of motion. Sometimes a combination of hot and cold stones can even be used during the massage to reduce inflammation. A hot towel is provided for this treatment to help keep the body warm.

There are many other health benefits of this type of massage including (but not limited to) better sleeping patterns, reduced stress and anxiety, boost to the immune system and even reduction in cancerous systems when combined with Swedish massage.

It should be noted that if you suffer from diabetes, osteoporosis, have open wounds or burns on your skin then it is advisable to contact your doctor first before undergoing a hot stone massage.

For more information, please contact us on 07450 299864.

Hot Stone Massage Prices:

30 mins: £30

45 mins: £35

60 mins: £40

Full price list

A Few Extra Things

For some of our massages we use Tiger Balm Oil. This type of oil is commonly used in Oriental massage (and for massage in general) and is very effective for treating muscular aches, sprains and strains and relieving pains and stiffness. The oil is quite strong however and also produced a fairly pungent smell, similar to that of deep heat. If you have any adverse reactions or would rather we did not use this type of oil, please let us know in advance.

Sometimes after a long massage, one can feel be a bit tired or dehydrated. It just so happens that we have a number of small bottles of water at the centre (as well as a few sweets). These are available to all customers on request; simply speak to one of our masseuses.

Customer Reviews

A few testimonials from some of our clients:

Oliver J, Knaphill

Very good service and excellent massage. Will use again.

Suzanne, Woking

Lady suggested that she give me a hot stone massage for my sore shoulder. Worked like a gem and defintely recommend.

Coco from Crawley

Nice massage and good place, 5 stars.